Great Manchester Run 2008

May 19, 2008

Yesterday saw me running my first competitive running race over the 10k course around Manchester. It was quite an experience and the atmosphere was amazing with over 31,000 people running. My time of 53:04 saw me placed 5,016th which being in the top 20% and comfortably under an hour I was really pleased with.

Along the route we were greeted by supporters cheering us on, live bands, water and even a mist shower, which was warmly welcomed by many. Starting just below St Peters Square on Portland Street the route headed along Bridgewater Way, going under the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ that is Old Trafford and onto the waterfront by Salford Quays before heading back and finishing on Deansgate by the Hilton.

I kept my eye closely on the pace running both halves almost identically, 26.14 and 26.50 but towards the end it was more a matter of keep going and ignoring my blisters than anything else. However looking at the nike+ analysis later, it seems the halves were far from similar.

Crossing the finishing line was a relief and I look forward to beating my time next year. If a quote on a runner’s a t shirt at the beginning is anything to go by – ‘Blisters last a week, memories last forever’.


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