Arriving in Rhode Island

June 8, 2008

After months of planning, my summer has finally arrived. Today I flew from London Heathrow out to Boston Logan on a seven hour Virgin Atlantic flight. The flight it self was fine and the people either side of me were also of to camps in New Hampshire, so it was nice to speak to them. Although the real surprise was the in flight entertainment, which made the time fly by and the food was surprisingly nice (inc Gü puddings!), along with the free wine.

Landing was a bit disconcerting with water all around the runway but was quite smooth, and as soon as you stepped of the plane, you knew that it was going to be hot and humid. Ben picked me up and we went for some food on the way home, this is when I remembered how nice ‘Mountain Dew’ is. Arriving at the camp, which is set in a massive forest I got a quick tour of the site and met all the animals on the farm. It is so hot out here and the humidity makes it 100 times worse, but at least I’ll get a killer tan.

That’s all for now but expect pictures to follow…


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