Week 1: Lifeguarding

June 13, 2008

After getting adjusted to the time difference over here, the first week was lifeguard training at North Providence Pool. All the people doing the lifeguarding course have come from such a variety of places (Florida, Wyoming and Michigan to name a few) but are all great and I look forward to meeting everybody else soon.

The course has been really interesting and has involved shallow and deep water rescues, escapes and first aid. In our final exam we each had different scenarios to cope with, I had to rescue an unconscious victim in deep water with no pulse or injuries, from the bottom of the pool and then remove from the water and then perform CPR.

The lifeguards – Photo Credit: Megan Giammarco

On Monday evening Alex took us over to Newport, where we went to the beach with our friend ‘Samuel Adams’. It was a really nice evening and nice to be on a warm, sandy beach. Wednesday night we went to the nearest bar which ‘carded’ (ID’d) all of us which meant that 3 of us had to sit of the kiddies table as state law says you can’t sit at the bar if you’re not 21, then at 10 we got kicked out as they stopped serving food. Oh well. Thursday night we all went out for Mexican food at Chipotle, which served really nice burritos and on the last day at the pool we took our lunches for a picnic in Governor Notte Park, Providence.

Newport Beach


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