Week 4: The kids arrive!

July 3, 2008

For the first week of camp I was in cabin, this meant meeting and greeting the parents on Sunday as they arrived and settling the kids into the cabins where they’ll be spending the week. Most cabins this week have 6-8 kids but somehow I seem to have ended with fourteen 9-12 year olds which has led to some interesting times getting them ready in the morning and asleep at night. The first night I was woken up 3 times during the night by a homesick but the Junior counselor also in the cabin was an expert at dealing with these situations and got him through the night. Throughout the week the cabin has smelt, I haved ‘barf’ to deal with and the hassle of making sure that kids do their teeth.

When not looking after the kids in the morning and evening I’m on resource, which means doing odds and ends around the office/EEC which so far has involved checking tents, making arts and crafts and general office admin. It’s also given me my first oppourtunity to get out with the camera with the kids after I met with the manager to discuss what photos he needs. On tuesday I joined a group doing a stream hike which was a great oppourtunity not just to take pictures but to watch others teach before I have to next week.


Hannah on the stream hike

On wednesday we had two nature rehabilitation officers come in to give a talk with some owls they’ve rescued. Aside from that I spent most of the day making necklaces and sorting out the cage, but in the evening I was the MC of the closing ceremony around a fire at the lost and found which gave the kids a chance to reflect over the week. It was a really nice ceremony as we did not know how it would go being the first time that it’d be done. On the final Thursday I took the whole camp photo and the kids got a chance to show their parents what they’d been doing during the week. Two of us ran the camp shop as the parents arrived selling t-shirts, water bottles and my photo! ($10!) and after the parents had taken the kids we had a final meeting to discuss the week and we were done. 

One of the owls brought into see the kids


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