4th of July Weekend

July 5, 2008

After finishing work early this week we all went to Seven Moons, a restaurant serving 7 different asian foods, where I had a really nice Vietnamese dish. On friday we all had a well deserved lie in before doing a dunkin’ run so we could all wake up. During the afternoon we headed to downtown Providence to go to the mall where I bought a few things including some much needed stamps, some trainers and a top from Abercrombie and Fitch.

The ben and Jerry’s store in the food court

On the way back from the mall we went to an amazing little pizza shop called Antonio’s on Thayer Street which is in the student area of Providence near Brown. It sold pizza by the slice and these slices wern’t small!In the evening we went to Coventry to watch fireworks across a lake for the 4th of july, independence day celebrations. It was an impressive display that lasted almost half an hour and there were lots of boats out on the lake watching.

Fireworks across the lake, Coventry RI

On Saturday after another long lye in a few of us headed to REI, a outdoor shop where I ended up spending close to $200 on much needed watershoes, a waterproof, a knife and some more robust sunglasses. Now I just need to plan for next week  and get everything sorted as I’ll be teaching Bay Mania which covers Fresh and Saltwater ecology while staying on Prudence Island.


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