Week 5: Bay Mania

July 11, 2008

The week began by running the check in on Sunday where I learned that in my group I’d be having 9 children, who turned out to be a really nice group all bar one who must have been the son of the devil but luckily for us he got pulled off the trip before we left.

On monday all the internationals went to URI to visit the payroll office in Kingston. The trip took much longer than expected due to being called back to campus after going half way home because the returning staff ‘Professors’ hadn’t got their visa’s entered and only had 2 days to do so before DHS came a coming to the camp to take them on a trip to the airport. So we had to go back to a different building on campus while they filled in some more paperwork. The URI campus is typically green and old fashioned as you would expect an American universtity to be all based around a massive quadrangle with fraternity buildings dotted around. On the way back we went via Wendy’s and I got loads of international stamps.

The AΦ Frat House

On tuesday we left early to head to Bristol to catch the 10am ferry to Prudence Island, and once over we met Kit and the other NBNERR staff on the island and got settled into the accommodation we’d be staying in. After lunch we went to the T-wharf from the old Navy base to check the water quality station and see what animals the traps had caught in the sand and in the eelgrass. We found a range of animals inculding crabs, eels and shrimp and while we were on the beach Kit found a horseshoe crab which the kids found amazing.  

Kit showing a Horseshoe crab

After letting the animals go we let the kids snorkel out in the bay before going back for dinner. After dinner we left to walk along the division wall which divided the island between the original two landowners back in the 1800’s. In the evening we watched the BBC’s Planet Earth before going to bed. On wednesday we drove up to the northern half of the island where we explored the salt marsh, and in the afternoon we explored some more traps on a different part of the island to compare our findings before having a free swim on sandy beach. In the evening we printed fish t-shirts and tidied the house ready for the morning where we left on the 1040 ferry. After leaving the island on thursday we headed to Colt state park for lunch before going to Wickford to join a Save the Bay vessel where we explored the Bay by boat and pulled up lobster traps that contained lots of spider crabs.

Me with a spider crab out on the Save the Bay boat

Friday was used to wrap up the week by talking over the rose and thorns of the week and performing a little song for the parents. We did the weekly Lorax play where I was the Brown Barbaloot which the kids enjoyed. This weekend I’m going to Boston to see the red sox and I’m so excited, next week i’ll be teaching Bay Mania again and hopefully this time we’ll have more of an idea of what’s going on.


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