Weekend in Boston

July 14, 2008

After taking the boss’ advice to take it easy at the weekend and come back rested and almost competely doing the opposite, the weekend began by going out for a seafood in Warwick before heading to the usual bar for some pool and drinks. In america they don’t measure spirts out so it’s all by eye which led to some pretty strong drinks which made getting up early the next day hard.

We left for Boston at 7:30am for the 7:05pm Redsox vs Oriels game, as we had to queue up in order to get tour tickets when the ticket gate opened at 10:00, we drove up to the the edge of the city and took the T in. Compared to the tube the T is a bargin at $2 for a single and avoided all the traffic. After buying tickets from Fenway we had time to burn so we headed into Boston where Tom took the role of tour guide. Boston is a really clean, beautiful city and a shoppers paradise where we got to see most of the main bits including parts of the freedom trail, Quincy Market and all the downtown shops. Quincy market reminds me of Covent Garden in London and was full of cool food shops.

Quincy Market at the lunch rush, Boston, MA

After lunch at Quincy Market we took the T back to Fenway where we started to queue for the start of the tour. The tour went around the whole stadium, up on to the green monster and included standing tickets up on the Coca-Cola deck. While on the green monster the guy two seats to my left got a ball hit to him (a good 100+ yards) away from home base, and this ball was still flying as it smacked the wall behind him at what must of been about 90mph. Before the game started we went to the side of the pitch and watched them during batting practice where 5 of us managed to get balls (unfortunately not me) and it was a good oppourtunity to get up close to the players.

Pitching practice for the Red Sox

The game began with the national anthem and was an amazing game to watch with a really good atmosphere, the final score was Boston Red Sox 12 Baltimore Orioles 1 after almost 4 hours of playing.

Fenway park


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