Week 6: Bay Mania (Take 2)

July 19, 2008

From the title of this post you may expect this week to be similar to the last but you couldn’t be more wrong! The week began with 10 kids this time but one kid got pulled at the last minute due to a knee injury. Everyday was 30C+ which led to swimming being very favourable. On Sunday I ran check in again and was MC of the fire but this week is Indiana Jones themed so instead of being Will I was Indy for the evening, swinging in on a rope. On Monday Amy and I ran the same water based games as last week, we played ‘The incredible journey’, a game where the kids act out water and go through the water cycle. We then got the kids to write a story describing a journey water might take and then to act it out, which led to some interesting stories but this time we were being assessed for our mid summer evaluations which went really well before going to the waterfront to do the swim test.

Early Tuesday we left for Prudence Island (a mere 40 miles away) with 2 hours before the 10am ferry, but severe traffic on 95N which let us do the measured mile in a record 14 minutes got us to Bristol 30 minutes late, missing the ferry. Luckily we for sore this and called ahead to change the reservation and get the snorkels put on the ferry back so we headed to my favourite park, Colt State Park with all the gear for lunch and to go snorkel before the next ferry at 1530. As we eventually got over onto the island we headed to the cottage to get settled in and after dinner hiked down to the T-wharf on the island to look at the animals in the Education Shed before heading back after a long day. On Wednesday we met the staff from the reserve in the morning before heading back to the T-wharf to pull in the minnow traps and seine the shore for fish. We found a surprising array of fish, crabs and eels and this took most of the morning before heading back for lunch. After we headed out for the tour of the island and to walk in the Salt marsh before having a free swim/snorkel on the beach on a very hot day. In the evening we did the fishprints onto the t-shirts and headed to bed.

Leaving the next morning we got a last minute change of location for Save the Bay which sent us up to their HQ in Providence where we went out on their boat into Providence Port where we saw the Navy re-float a sunken Russian submarine which was a museum before it sunk in a storm just over a year ago. Back on campus we had the closing campfire for which I was MC again which was a nice way to end the week. That evening we all went out for a meal at South County Grill, Tavern and Bar before heading to Big River for karaoke.

A navy helicopter going to help resurface the sub.


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