Week 8: Photojournalism

August 3, 2008

This week has been a very interesting and very rewarding one. To start I wasn’t teaching and nor was I in cabin but had a special schedule outside of Earth Camp to go visit the rest of camp and catch a glimpse of what they do. On Sunday I spent all day in the office uploading and organising all the photos I’d taken so far (~2000) which was something I’d needed to do for a long while. On Monday I was supposed to be rock climbing but this got postponed due to thunderstorms on Sunday but instead I visisted the two day camps, Farm Camp (Ages 5-8) in the morning and saw them doing chores around the farm and petting all the animals. In the afternoon I headed down to Eco-Zone (Ages Eight – Eleven) and got to hike to Devil’s Foot Rock with them before playing some games in the field down there. Since I’ve been working Earth Camp all summer (Ages 9-13) the different ages of the campers made each camp completely different, just in the way that they were run.

Kids on the farm

On Tuesday I headed out early after breakfast to Conneticut to set up the ropes for the ‘Rock and Trail’ Teen X trip. I got a quick lesson in rapelling down the 60ft drop before the group arrived. I spent most of the day hanging halfway down the wall taking pictures of the kids climbing. It was a really fun day and good to go rapelling and rock climbing, something which I haven’t got to do for a while.

Me rapelling into position

Wednesday saw me finally doing some sea kayaking with the ‘Kayak Rhode Island’ Trip, not the type I’m used to but still good fun and nice to know that I haven’t forgotten how to roll. We kayaked around the coast near Tiverton in East RI, unfortunatley there were no waves but it was still good to get out in a boat. The campers really enjoyed it and they got to get wet and play games in the boats.

My nice orange sea kayak

Friday saw me back on campus and back in the office for the first part of the morning, before getting a call down to the farm for a photo assignment where all the kids were in fancy dress for the day. After that I headed back up to the EEC, took the Earth Camp photo, had lunch and ran the camp store during check out. I really enjoyed this week and hopefully will have the last week as resource to work on the slideshow but for next week I’ll be teaching waterworlds where we get to go to the beach!


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