Week 9: Waterworlds

August 9, 2008

This week saw we teaching something different; Waterworlds is a program where the campers get to go ponding, swimming pretty much everyday, go on a stream hike and go to the beach. It was also the first time that I’ve taught by myself with the help of a Junior Counselor (JC) but everything turned out fine and she was excellent and stood up to lead a few lessons and run alot of the games.

The week began as usual and the Sunday was just like any other Sunday, meeting the campers and getting to know their names. On Monday we began the the teaching part of the week by going ponding up at the duck pond where we managed to find quite an array of creatures, before going swimming in the afternoon. All this week I’ve had all evening programs off to work on the end of the year slideshow, which is starting to come together but is still requiring alot of work. Tuesday saw more swimming and a dusk walk to turtle haven had to be abandoned after having to call the nurse about a camper, but everything worked out in the end. Unfortunately on Wednesday the rain came in hard for the entire morning which kept us inside in the pond room but as the weather cleared we went to look at the vernal pool on the Basin Rock trail. In the afternoon we did our stream hike and then hiked back to camp along the Niddy Noddy trail where we saw another vernal pool but this one had 3 big sacs of frog eggs which was really amazing to see.

A vernal pool on the Niddy Noddy Trail

Our beach day was thursday, where we went to East Beach to go ponding in the salt pond and had a free swim in the ocean afterwards. I managed to get a bit sunburnt as the clouds cleared and I was just a sitting duck on the sand but nothing too bad. Next week I’ll be in a cabin but will be on resource so I can finish the slideshow and get a few other things sorted for the end of year celebrations. The summer has gone so fast and I can’t believe that this time next week I won’t be here anymore…


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