Week 10: The Final Week

August 16, 2008

This week is unfortunately my last here at WAJ and this week I have been on resource in order to finish up my work with the photos and get the slideshow done. This week I was in cabin but this time with an older group which has made life so much easier, they actually want to shower and inthe morning you don’t need to remind them about everything and push them along every step of the way. During the week I’ve been up in the office until midweek before the slideshow was done and then cleaning everything around the EEC for the rest of the week. On Wednesday I got to take some more pictures, possibly for the coveted cover shot which also gave me my first chance to drive the vans down Little Camp Road, so practicaly off road! On Friday we had to move the vans up to the main office and wrap up everything and put it away.

Friday evening we had our end of year celebrations, which put an end to an amazing summer. The evening started with a lovely meal of salmon and lemon chicken before the awards started to be awarded, after which we split off into our different camps to recieve our staff gifts and dicuss our rose, bud and thorns of the summer which became very emotional at some points. The co-ordinators, made us a personalised photo frame with our staff picture in, along with the staff CD’s, a satchel and our jars of sunshine, which I’m currently still deciding how to ship home, so I don’t break them. After returning for desert we had the second round of awards where I some how managed to win the most artistic with Sara, before it was time for the slideshow. The thing that took so much of my time to produce turned out really well in the end and provided a tear-jerker for many people.

It feels wierd to have finished camp and the reality of it all has yet to really all sink in, I suppose it won’t until I actually leave tomorrow, from which I’m heading to Maine for about a week, then I’m on the open road until my flight back from New York which I’ve yet to book. So let the second part of my summer begin…


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