August 21, 2008

After leaving WAJ on Saturday for the last time, Hannah Rikki and I left on the road to head up to Maine. The first night we spent in East Providence with Courtney, while waiting for her to finish work we hung out at Crescent Park where we got to see a wedding photo shoot, ride a carousel and look at some antique cars at a meet.

The carousel in Riverside

A vintage cadillac

After staying the night at Courtney’s we left early in the morning up I95 to pick up Hannah’s Dad from Manchester Airport, NH before continuing the rest of the journey up to Richmond, ME. The house where I am staying, I’ve been told is in the typical New England style of: big house, little house, out house, barn, where all four are interconnected so that in the winter farmers wouldn’t have had to go outside, but all it means to me is that this house is massive and the grandparents weren’t lying when they said they didn’t throw anything away.

The view from the house where we’re staying

We were quickly whisked away to be given a tour of the local Pownalborough Court House, which was built by the early British settlers and was full of full of history, before coming back to the house for dinner. Dinner was an experience for Rikki and I as neither of us had ever had lobster before, but it was really good even if it was extremely messy! While staying here, Rikki and I have been staying in a campervan which has been fun, but is also a great escape from all the cats in the house.

The lobster for dinner

Monday morning gave me a chance to get to the bank and cash in the first of my paycheck as well as send a package home of all the stuff I didn’t want to carry around for 4 weeks, luckily the post office do a fixed rate package which is the same price what ever you but in the box, so I managed to squeeze everything in to a small box that weighed 7 pounds and it cost me a reasonable price of $39, which isn’t that bad considering what was in there. In the afternoon we went out on a whale watch from Boothbay Harbor for a 3.5 hour boat ride which was good but we saw more seals than whales.

A complete change in the weather from the clear blue sky’s of yesterday made Tuesday a wet, rainy day, but still we went out to Pemaquid Point to go to the beach, see the lighthouse and have some fun, on the way back we had ice-cream in Richmond before a quick dinner back at the house. In the evening we were taken to the theatre to see ‘Arsenic and old lace’ a comedy, performed at the ‘Theater at Monmouth’ which was really funny and a good night out. On our last day we took kayaks out on the river around Swan Island, a deserted island with old houses that remain untouched as no-one lives there anymore.

Me kayaking around Swan Island

While staying here most of Hannah’s family is here so it’s been really busy, her grandparents and entire family have been so hospitable and they’ve organised so much for us and it’s been great to do things and visit places that just wouldn’t have been possible without their help. From here Rikki and I will get a bus from Brunswick, ME to Boston, MA where we will go our separate ways and I’ll leave for Montreal, Canada in a days time which will be my next adventure…


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