The final two stages of my traveling saw probably the two most touristy places in the US. I was in each for both 3 nights and the both experienced the same weather: Arriving the weather was hot and ok, first full day the rain came down hard from the remnants of a storm, the next day was perfect and the day I left was ok. While in Washington I stayed with Rachel in her halls at Georgetown university and got to see the sights and even got to walk up the stairs featured in the exorcist. On the first day when the rain was coming down sideways we went to the air and space museum at the Smithsonian which featured exhibits from NASA missions and even a section with hands on physics. In the evening we went for a meal with people from Rachel’s floor at the tombs, an underground, rowing themed restaurant. The following day the sky cleared and the sun really came out and I went round all the monuments, the best has to have been the WW2 memorial, but the Washington memorial definitely is the most memorable.

The Washington Memorial

The next day I left for New York City, where I was staying in a hostel on 103rd W, that night I went up the Empire State Building for the view, where you could see for an apparent 20 miles.Surprisinly that evening (9/8) the memorial in light was on from ground zero.

South Manhattan from the Empire State Building

The next day the bad weather came back, part of the remnants of Hurricane Ike, but gave me a chance to do some shopping, where I saw Andy Murray in the Nike shop, went to the apple shop, and got lost in the maze that is Macy’s. Following suit the next day the weather cleared up completely and I went to liberty and ellis islands on the ferry.

The statue of liberty

Before flying back on 9/11 I went to ground zero where they were reading the names and did a final bit of shopping before running into the Obama motorcade, picking up my stuff and heading to JFK for the flight home…

Taxi in Times Square, NYC


Since leaving Montreal, I’ve been to lots of places in quick succession, generally with a long time on a bus inbetween. After taking an hour to cross the American border back from Canada I arrived into Plattsburgh, NY only a few hours late, where I met up with Jen in the evening for one night on the SUNY campus before leaving in the morning to head into New York City. The only problem being that I was heading into one of the biggest cities in the world on the evening of Labor Day, a national holiday so everyone was on the roads which meant getting into the Port Authority late, again. I spent two nights with sara in New Jersey, just a 30 minute bus out of Manhattan, and it was nice to have a guide to the city for one day before I return prior to my flight. While in the city we spent most of our time on 5th Ave, between 42nd and 59th, getting to see Times Square, the Rockafella centre, Central Park and of course, the apple store.

After two nights in New Jersey, I headed out on another bus to Philadelphia, PA as a intermediate stop between New Jersey and Washington, D.C. Despite getting pulled over by the cops this was the first bus I’d been on that was relatively on time. Philadelphia is a nice little city where everything is within walking distance, the hostel was really nice and there’s lots of history which they’re not afraid to show off. While I was in Phily it was one of the hottest days I’ve had all summer at 33C which was slightly uncomfortable to be walking around in. From Phily I left to go to the Capital and spend the weekend ‘on the hill’ with Rachel…