I know I haven’t written much on here since getting back from America, not having much time to write has been the problem as I’ve been so busy. This is my final year at Manchester Uni and this time in just over 6 months I’ll be a Bachelor of Science which is a scary thought. However I don’t plan to stop there and have applied to study for a Master of Science at either Edinburgh or Cardiff in Sustainable Energy Systems / Sustainable Energy and Environment respectively. 

This year at uni has seen a definite shift from the pure theory and mathematical basis to more of the application and use of theory now that they assume we know all the maths. Lab work has significantly increased and this semester I’ve been in twice a week doing experiments on Holography and Optical Fourier Transforms. Both of which are optics experiments which inherently means spending the whole day in a dark room tinkering with lasers, lenses and mirrors. To see some of the holograms we produced see here. However having both experiments this semester means that I wont have lab next semester which will make my hours in uni drop by over half. On the other hand however I will be using this free time to write my dissertation on ‘The potential impact of LED based solid state lighting’ which I’m actually quite looking forward to writing and hopefully will provide a nice transition into my masters.

During this term I have been involved with the canoe club running training sessions and going on trips. It’s nice to see a fresh generation go through the club and it’s getting to that point where they’re all picking it up nicely, getting involved and last week in the pool we had 5 people roll for the first time, which was a good achievement not only for them but for me. As for my own kayaking it was all going well until I took a slalom boat down the BUCS white water racing course on the river Washburn where I dislocated my shoulder so that has put me out of action until the new year. It’s recovering well and currently I’m just building up it’s strength via swimming and other exercises. Currently planned is a personal trip up to Scotland over the new year which will be next time I paddle but that should be a good trip where we’re going to Fort William for some grade 3/4 rivers, even though it’ll be freezing cold.

Me!In Harrogate A&E after having my shoulder relocated

Towards the end of term things are definitely getting more festive and even though term finishes exceptionally late this year (19th) it is nice to be in the city with lots of things going on. But as the case has been for the last 4 years, the Christmas holidays are always tainted with the prospect of those January exams, which count for ~25% of my degree this time but hopefully after January I will have ‘passed’ my degree and then then second semester will just be working exceptionally hard to make sure that I hopefully get that 1st…