January: The month of exams

February 2, 2009

Since getting back from Scotland it’s been exams, exams, exams. January exams always seem to drag out and this year has been no exception. To me it always seems a bit unfair as we have over a month to revise for these and only a week or so for the May/June ones, that said generally I do seem to do better in Januray and I’m hoping that this semester will set good foundations for the next and final semester of my Bsc.

While revising it’s been nice to see people before everyone gets busy during the term and there have been a few good breaks including climbing at awesome walls and MCC and a mid exam kayaking trip. A group of us went and paddled the Ogwen in N. Wales in the weekend between exams and I have to say that it is possibly one of the finest rivers I have paddled. Continuous 3/4 keeping you on your toes but I managed to make it with only one roll, which to be honest I deserved.

I’ve also been doing a lot more climbing, this time at MCC which is easier to get to than Stockport and splashed out on a harness and some shoes so I look forward to using them more now exams have finished. 

The weekend after exams finished we went up to the Tees Barrage for the BUCS slalom competition. I competed in K1 Mens and C2 where I put in a good performance for K1 and had a fun time in the C2. This was the first time I’d ever been in a C2 and I managed to convince Zen to do it with me. At the top it was shaky and I doubted us making it past the start line, however once we got moving the current helped to stabilise and we made it down over most of the course until we hit the main drop where we unfortunately swam.

img_8869Me and Zen just about to hit the main drop…

But now lectures have started again and it all is getting back to normal, before it all happens again in June