Approaching the finish

May 16, 2009

I know I’ve been a bit behind on keeping up to date but it’s that time of year again where everything takes a back seat behind revision. Over Easter, after getting back from the club Scotland trip, a few of us went open boating along the River Wye in Herefordshire. This was a good opportunity to dry out something different and experience multiday trips, carrying all of our kit with us. The weather wasn’t ideal with a thunderstorm on the first night but although showers continued throughout the trip it could have been worse. Overall we paddled 60 miles over 4 days which was easily enough as we were all starting to ache after the continuous flat. On the final day there was a slalom course set up at Symmonds Yap where we took all of the kit out of the boats and took them for a solo run.

Open BoatMe open boating at Symmonds Yap

Since Easter my summer has started to take shape with the trip to the alps looking better and better as it gets nearer. Flights to Turkey have been booked for my second holiday which I am looking forward to immensely and the thought of which is keeping me going at this revision! In preparation for these trips I’ve bought a new boat, a yellow liquid logic Jefe (Henrietta) and spend far too much on other kit.

There was a Saturday at the Tryweryn with one of our coaches for the Alps, Chris Smith which all the river leaders in the club went to hone their skills ahead of taking the rest of the club down the Alpine rivers. This was a really good little trip and encouraged us all to push ourselves to make the hard lines whilst maintaining good leadership skills.

This month has also seen two balls, the Physics ball and the AU awards ball, both of which were conveniently at the same hotel on the same night so I could attend 2 for the price of 1 and still collect my double colours for 100 hours voluntary work for the club.

4177_695688413295_61416862_42147093_5867771_n.jpgAlan, Alice and myself at Font before the ball

Now lectures have finished and the focus is all on the exams, of which I have 5 but these will be finished on the 9th of June and then my holidays can begin..