October 15, 2009

Last weekend saw EUCC take a massive 36 people away for the weekend kayaking. Staying in Kinlochleven in a hostel which we had to ourselves it could only be a good weekend. Leaving early on Friday evening we took a convoy of vehicles up with us for a beginner based trip. Friday night saw activities including sock wrestling (in which I remain undefeated) and table mountaineering among others. It was a nice relaxed chance to meet all the people on the trip that I hadn’t got a chance to meet yet.

The next morning we set out and took over the lower roy. Splitting into 3 still big groups we slowly bumbled down the river. As the groups were fairly randomly split we had no idea of the ability level in our group. Although the river was incredibly low and I dread to think how much plastic was left on the bottom of the river we undoubtedly had numerous swims. Our group got off at Roybridge and waited for the others to finish the middle spean before coming to pick us up.

That evening, everyone was tired after a long day and the night before but everyone was looking forward to a more exciting day on Sunday. On Sunday we drove to the Etive to see if it was at a good level, but we soon realised that it was a bit too high to be taking beginners on. However we went down river to the lower Etive to a grade 2 section with a portageable 4. The harder section was good fun and I was glad to see most people have a go, even if they ended up swimming. After this we got off and about 8 of us stayed in kit and drove up back to the middle Etive to have a go, now with a crowd.

I only did triple steps as was knackered and quite happy to finish on a high, but even these claimed a few people. The video below is of my run of the first two drops.

After  this we began the journey home with the obligatory stop at the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum. It was a really good and all the beginners seemed to enjoy it and hopefully get a taste of something harder watching us at the end. I’m sure that I’ll no doubt be going back to the Etive sometime soon with the club.


One Response to “Kinlochleven”

  1. Hieu said

    Nice vid 😉 The photographer deserves a merit mark

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