November Boating

November 24, 2009

This month has seen the days get shorter and colder but that hasn’t stopped us going out and enjoying the rain.

On a ‘advanced’ trip, where the rain let us down we paddled the Etive with paddlers from Strathclyde, Dundee and St Andrews Uni’s. After visiting this river many a time, this was the first time that I paddled the whole river, including the waterfall at right angle which is a straight forward 6m drop. It was nice to just paddle it blind and keep going. We then trekked up to paddle the Allt a’ Chaorainn. A fun little run that has the potential to do a fair amount of damage to a boat! A series of rock slides and very narrow chutes that were great fun, but required little ability.


The following weekend after a successful week in the library I jumped on an intermediate trip to the Orchy, this weekend the levels were nice and high, a little too high to run the 2 grade 5 drops but it was a good trip overall.

Then last weekend was the infamous Nethy Bridge trip. Similar to Kinlochleven we took 30 odd people up North for a weekend away. On the first day I took a group of beginners down the middle findhorn which was at the perfect level for the group we had, only resulting in a few swims. The following day an ‘intermediate’ group headed up to do the Roy gorge. After looking at the first rapid for a while, we all ended up running it but half of the group didn’t want to carry on. This left me with the option to take 2 people down the gorge, with a cheky grade 5 hiding around a corner and a siphon that caused a fatality not too long ago so we decided against it and drove down and did the lower and caught up with the beginner group.

It was a good weekend, but I would have liked to have pushed myself a bit more, oh well, next time I’ll go with Eoghain and Ben down the Findhorn gorge…


Aberdeen Aquathon

November 11, 2009

The halloween weekend saw 38 EUTri “multi sport athletes” descend on sleepy Aberdeen to race against the other Scottish universities in a short race, consististing of a 400m swim and a 5km run. Seen as a introduction to racing it was a great chance to practice doing one sport after another.

I was in the second heat and since learning to swim front crawl in September I was impressed at my own time of 7:33 which set me up to be the first out of the pool. With my body tired and expecting a rest I struggled with my laces and getting my t-shirt on wet before flying out of the door and setting out on the run.

The run consisted of 3 laps around the University’s campus and the first one was probably the hardest as I adjusted and struggled to get into a rhythm. One girl flew past me not long out of the pool but I managed to keep my distance on Sonya who was close behind. Having someone over my shoulder the whole way definitely helped to keep the pace up and by the end of the 3rd lap I was ready to finish with an overall time of 31:32, which I very happy with.

The evening saw us hit the town in assorted fancy dress before heading home on the megabus the next morning through the heavy rain and flooding but it did a chance to get some rest. The winter training now continues to prepare for more races over long distances ahead of the summer season next year.

Note: I’ll put up photos when they become available