2010 So far

April 4, 2010

It’s been a very busy 2010 so far so I thought I’d give a much needed update on what been going on.  The start of year officially started the job hunt with plenty of applications and filling in forms, this mixed in with paddling and other activities at the weekends has led to a busy schedule.

After having exams in January, it meant semester 2 started early in January and teaching finished just before Easter. Since coming back in January there has been talk of dissertations since being allocated the topics with them now just lurking around the corner.

Early in the year was the SU ball at Murrayfield, an event for all of the sports clubs to get together in a fancy venue and dress up. There was a good show from EUTri and a good night was had by all. This was followed a few days later with a trip down to Derby where we headed into Nottingham and saw Holme Pierpoint completely flooded out.

A few weeks later and with some paddling in between, which I can’t remember where we went, I headed down to Exeter for an assessment centre for a job I would really like. On the way down I went via Manchester for a chance to see everyone from my course and the canoe club who’s still around. In the evening I gave a talk on my trip to Turkey before completing the second leg of the journey to Exeter.

A few weekends later I headed to Glasgow for a weekend with Belinda. This was a really nice weekend and somewhere where neither of us had been before. We explored the West End, the science museum and the city centre before getting on our seperate trains back to the real world.

A few more kayaking trips ensued, most notably a great beginner trip to a high Etive, where everyone had a great time challenging themselves while we picked up the pieces at the bottom. See my last post for a picture.

Before the end of term a few of us signed up to the mighty deerstalker which took place on the 20th of March. An adventure race of approximately 16k up and down the hills of the Borders. you can read my full report here. This was followed very early the next morning by getting up and driving out to Tranent for EUTri’s very own sprint triathlon where we in charge of running the event. I was a marshall on the run route and luckily we had very good weather for the event bearing in mind the time of year and the fact that last year in was snowing!

Various stages throughout the Deerstalker

My marshall position on the run route. Photo: Self

After that hectic weekend we entered the last weekend of term, with a few deadlines looming at the end. Fourtuntaly my performance at the assessment centre was good enough and I was invited back for a final panel interview for the same job down in Exeter. This was a daunting experience but one I really enjoyed. This took up the Thursday and Friday of the last week of term including getting there. I flew back Friday evening just in time for my birthday the next day.

I had a little gathering of the people still left in Edinburgh which was really nice before the EUTri Celidh the following day where the club had orgainsed a really good event and got a great turnout.

Belinda and I at the Ceilidh, Photo: Dee Maguire

I think that’s everything but I’ve no doubt missed a few things out. Things happening next include East Fife Triathlon next weekend, a trip to Norway, hopefully a job offer, exams and then I settle into a summer of dissertation…