Triathlons, Exams, Sunshine and Cycling

June 9, 2010

It has been a very busy time recently. I’ve done my first triathlon, finished my last set of exams and begun work on the infamous dissertation.

Firstly East Fife Triathlon back in April saw me finish my first Triathlon which was a great experience. I finished the sprint (750m swim, 20km cycle, 5k run) in 01:21:59 which isn’t bad for a first try, but with plenty room for improvement as the winner was home in under an hour. The hardest bit was the run at the end, most likely due to lack of training on the bike which left my legs feeling very heavy once I got of the bike.

Since then the focus was on the exams which were looming ever closer but now they’re over I’m glad that they were the last ones I will be taking. After the exams finished the sun came out across Edinburgh perfectly on cue and a great week spent sunbathing and having barbecues on the Meadows followed with everyone glad to be finished.

After a while relaxing it was hard to get the motivation to start the dissertation especially with the nice weather. I’ve been trying to treat it like a job, going in 9-5 and stopping there but with so much going on progress has been slow.

With the nice weather I’ve been getting out on the bike more and more and last weekend we cycled to Gullane (route) where we stopped for ice-cream and a dip in the sea. A trip totalling ~85km but well worth it.

Cooling off in the sea at Gullane, Photo: Victoria MacLean

The following (not so nice day) we headed back to the beach at Tyninghame where those with wetsuits headed into the sea before discovering lots of jellyfish when it was time to head to the nearest tea shop to warm up.

Paul Rachel and Lisa head into the sea at Tyninghame


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