Graduation (2)

November 26, 2010

A cold winter’s day was the setting for my gradation from the University of Edinburgh, and at least Edinburgh has managed to avoid the snow. With the venue of McEwan Hall providing a stunning backdrop for the occasion the day started out beautifully, if not a little fresh.

There was a good turnout from our course, with about 70% of the people there, which gave a great opportunity to catch up with everyone and seeing what they were doing these days. The ceremony itself was full of pomp and ceremony as you would expect but it was a great experience (if not slightly grander than my Manchester graduation!).

Some of the class outside McEwan Hall. Photo: Flora McLennan

Receiving the degree itself involved being tapped on the head with a hat to symbolise being freed from the hardship of academia, something that I think everyone there could agree with.

After the ceremony and lots of pictures there was a reception up in the Teviot dining room where everyone gathered along with some of the lecturers. To relax, enjoy some champagne and warm up.

Family photo at the reception. Photo Peter Kehoe


Flora and I. Photo Duncan McLennan

I then had dinner with the family before they had to fly home and then met the course in the evening for one last get together. So now I have BSc MSc after my name, who knows what will come next…