Midlothian Triathlon

May 2, 2011

After the disaster that was East Fife Triathlon, I decided I needed to enter another race before I went away so got a place through the waiting list at Midlothian. This was held at Dalkeith High School on another gloriously sunny day and again EUTRI was out in force.

In my heat there were only 4 in the lane which made the swim much nicer than East Fife and everyone in the lane was really nice and let you past when you tapped their toes. Due a person missing I had a 10 second gap between me and the pack which I quickly caught up before overtaking them. After around 2/3 of the swim I let them past and sat behind them drafting the final 10 lengths as I didn’t want to push the swim after what happened last time. Still with a good time, I came out and passed through transition relatively smoothly, before starting the notorious hill climb where Angus was waiting with the camera.

On top of the hill. Photo: Angus Elliot

The cycle went well, although everyone I overtook on the hill managed to overtake me on the downhill (need to get a fancy TT bike like this and a teardrop helmet!). Coming into transition for the second time I went into the wrong rack which was a bit annoying but got out onto the run fairly quickly.

T2. Photo: Angus Elliot

The run was 5km along a cycle path which seemed to go on for a long time, especially as running is my weakest of the three. Overall I came into finish in 1:15.47 which is just above the 1:15 I was aiming for but I’ll blame that on the wind.

Crossing the finish line. Photo: Lim Yee Siang

Below are my splits:

Swim:            12:40      (35/234)

T1:                  00:40     (20/234)

Cycle:             37:47      (99/234)

T2:                  00:45      (34/234)

Run:               23:54      (133/234)

Overall:      1:15:47  (95/234)