South America – The prelude

June 8, 2011

As many of you know, I’ve been offered a job on a graduate scheme starting in September. With this in place it means I can go away travelling with something to come back to, so along with Lisa who is in a similar position, we’ve decided to go on an epic trip to fill the time.

The plan is to cycle coast-to-coast across South America, starting in Lima, Peru, and finishing in Buenos Aries, Argentina, a mere 5000km apart. The route will take in the Andes, the Bolivian Altiplano and the Argentinian Grasslands over a 2.5 month period. Something along the lines of the route shown below:

The kit has all been bought, the panniers fitted and the legs are in some sort of shape. Although due to some terrible weather in Edinburgh, not as much training has been done as I would have liked. Below is the bike I’m taking before being kitted out.

My trusty steed

While I’m away I’ll be able to reply to e-mails though not straight away, I am not taking a phone. Check here for updates, otherwise, see you in September!


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