Making up for lost time

July 14, 2011

After a fun few days in Cusco and Machu Picchu, it was time to get back on the bike, and this time (with a map again) we knew the roads were paved for the rest of our time in Peru. Since being on the road between Cusco and the Bolvian border we´ve bumped into a few other cyclists of widely varying nationalities, including Israeli, Swiss,  Spanish, German, Russian and South African, which has been reassuring to see other people doing a similar thing to us.

The roads have been nice and fast, espcially once we got onto the Altiplano, which has meant that the miles have flown by. We made it to Puno it 3.5 days, racking up the 400km with time to spare for 2 hours at some hot springs along the way, which were a nice brake and a good substitute for a much needed shower. We also completed our longest day so far at 140km, from Santa Rosa to Juliaca.

On the altiplano

When we got to Puno, we quickly found somewhere to stay and in the afternoon, went to explore what we could do on lake Titicaca. The pier was full off people selling long boat trips but we opted for the 2.5 hours trip to the Uros floating islands, which was well worth the 15 Sol. The islands themselves were pretty incredible if only the trip didn´t drag on for so long. In the evening we found probably the best restaurant of the trip so far where we got 3 courses of delicious Italian food really cheap, before heading back to the room and crashing. The next two days we continued our journey around the lake before finally leaving Peru and entering Bolivia where we stopped at Copacabana with Remi, our fellow German cyclist, where we had a much needed day off. Sipping cocktails on the beach and riding a pedalo on the lake seemed a world away from cycling beofre getting a boat to Sun Island the following day.

Uros floating islands

Overlooking lake Titicaca

So far our opinion of Bolivian has been good, with everything cheaper than in Peru, so long may it continue to the Salt flats…


One Response to “Making up for lost time”

  1. Mark (Lisa's brother who is very jealous of your trip) said

    nice work folks….good to hear that mud slides have been replaced with real cocktails….hope you brought your skis for Bolivia!!

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