Tenemos nada

August 21, 2011

After two lazy days in Cordoba and our hostel in Buenos Aries booked, it was time to hit the road. We had 700km to go, which divided up nicely as 400km to Rosario then 300km from there.

It was fairly easy to get out of Cordoba and we were soon back on ruta 9, on which we´ve spent so much time these last few weeks. The scenery remained flat and the frequency of towns increased to at least one every 20km, which was a nice change as it meant that we didn´t have to worry about being caught short for food or accommodation.

The first day was fairly quick and straight and we stopped in James Craik, trying to hit over 100km a day so that we could make it to Rosario in 4 days and have a rest there. The following day started off fairly cloudy with a side wind, before an hour or so of light rain before lunch, our first bit of rain since early on in Peru!

When we arrived in Belville that evening, everywhere was either full or too expensive before we finally managed to find somwhere. The following day the side wind continued but we made it to Armstrong. Again we were faced with everywhere being either too expensive or full before we finally found a  hospedaje on the main road for the night.

This left 90km to go to Rosario and finally the wind had finally died down (along with the temperature!). The morning went fairly quickly and we stopped for lunch at a great little parilla restaurant, before making it into Rosario around 3. It was lucky that me made it to Rosario relatively early, because our difficulty in finding accommodation the previous few nights was nothing compared to how difficult it was in Rosario.

We had the address of one hostel which we found easily but they had nada, nothing. They did however give us a map with 8 other hostels on, of which we tried every single one to the same answer; nada! We started asking in hotels and anything we could spot before we finally stumbled across a hostel that was willing to put a matress on the floor for us at great expense. It turned out that this weekend was a ´red´weekend, a bank holiday in which everyone goes away. With no other options we decided to take it. When I mentioned the fact that we had two bikes and she was not happy, having none of it, she wouldn´t let them in the hostel, forcing us to leave them locked up at a parking garage across the street. Luckily for us we got talking to the security guard and the manager at the lot and they were impressed with what we had done and let us leave them there for free right beside the office.

Disgruntled, but at least with somewhere to stay, we headed out for drinks and food before coming back to find out that we had been moved into a dorm, which I have to admit, was better. However what we didn´t agree with, was having to pay more for the pleasure, an additional $40 over the two nights. We agrued with the owner, but even with my personal lawyer on the case, she threatened to throw us out if we didn´t pay. Knowing that she held all the cards we reluctantly paid and then went back out for more drinks to drown our sorrows.

The monument de la Bandera, Roasario

The following day it was one of those bank holidays where nothing was open bar a few cafes, which we hopped between before coming back to the hostel. Disappointed with Rosario and longing for the finish, we´ve given ourselves 4 days to finish the final 300km to Buenos Aires. Roll on the finish!


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