We couldn´t wait to get out of Rosario and while the last of the people in the hostel were going to bed, we got up and out of there sharpish! Relieved to find our bikes still in the parking lot across the street, we loaded them up and hit the road towards Pergamino.

Although only 108km on the map, it actually turned out to be closer to 130km once we had found accommodation. After Pergamino we were on ruta 8, straight to Buenos Aires. Along the way we could see the kilometre markers counting down, and this time it really was to the finish.

We were aiming to spend three days getting to the outskirts of Buenos Aires, so that we could have a short final day and not to be too tired to celebrate. The road continued and after the second day, the finish was only 145km away.

On the third day we were aiming for Pilar where the road trundled on before turning into a motorway just before the town. Here we were faced by a toll booth manned by the gendarmerie who pulled us to the side and asked us where we were going. They explained that we weren´t supposed to be on here, but to get to Pilar we had no other option so let us continue along on the hard shoulder for 8 or so km.

Only 100km to go!

Once we reached Pilar, we stopped for ice cream before asking if there was somewhere to stay nearby, only to get the response that there was nothing in the town and only 1 hotel on a road out of town. Disappointed, we headed out of town and came across another hotel which we thought was a bargain at only $85. However when the guy behind the little window explained that this was per hour, we were quickly back on the road!

We found two other places, one of which was full and one which was $350 per night. So instead we picked up some food from a little shop before deciding to camp (it was getting late at this point) in a abandoned plot of land on the road. Of all the random places we have camped we were suprised not to be discovered here.

As we were camping, we naturally woke up early on our last day of cycling and we were immediately on the road with only 45km to go. We had joked throughtout the trip that it was the journey and not the destination that was important, but today it was definitely the desination! The road quickly became much more built up and it stayed this way all morning before we made it across the ring road. Getting the map of Buenos Aires out we figured out where we were and headed for the centre, aiming to finish at the Plaza de Mayo.

After a quick stop for lunch we were on the final straight down Corrientes where we hit the Capital Federal Obilisk before finally, 4819km later, reaching the end of our trip. It was all a bit unreal and to be honest a bit of an anticlimax, the square wasn´t that photographic and it didn´t take long for us to be back our bikes to get to the hostel where we finally put them to rest, not to be used again for a long time!

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

We´ve got 5 nights in Buenos Aires where we plan to take it very easy before flying home and getting back to the real world where I start my new job in just 10 days. It´s been an amazing trip and I´ll update the blog with pictures and more detail once I sort everything out.

Boca, Buenos Aires

Boca, Buenos Aires

Packing up the bikes to come home