Fun in the sun – Lanzarote

April 4, 2013

So while the UK froze, the usual suspects of Lizzie, Simone and I headed out to pastures warmer for a bit of winter training over in Lanzarote. We were staying with TriSports Lanzarote with 11 others in their villa just outside Puerto del Carmen. We had a full schedule of training ahead and a coach to make sure we did it all!

When we arrived we were met by the beautiful views and searing heat, Lizzie and I looked at each other and just knew that this was exactly what we wanted when we booked the trip. We were picked up and headed to the villa where we would spend the week and met the others as they arrived throughout the day, soaking up the sun in between. With talk over the evening of the races that people were doing and the big miles that lay ahead we were quite nervous going into the first day wondering if we would be fit enough to survive the week. 

The next morning we headed down to the beach for a swim in the sea which was lovely, the water was crystal clear and a nice 20°C before heading back to the villa for breakfast and to get out and about on the bikes. For our first cycle we did a 125 km figure of eight around the island taking in some of the volcanic landscape Lanzarote has to offer. The entire island is very rocky and dry, giving the island a very black composition with whitewashed houses scattered across it. Oh and I should also mention, it’s very windy, all the time. When we returned we had the small matter of a 5 km run to ‘stretch the legs out’ before we could finally eat some lunch (6 pm by now) before returning for dinner (at 7 pm!).

Getting ready for a dip in the sea!

Getting ready for a dip in the sea!

This was a pattern that played out throughout the week with a swim in the sea in the morning, a bike and a run in various orders and of varying lengths, below is how the schedule panned out:

Friday – Sea swim (2 km), bike (125 km), run (5 km)
Saturday – Run to the beach (10 km), Sea swim (2 km), Bike Hill repeats (20 km), Strength
Sunday – Bike (160 km), run (5 km), Pool swim (1 km)
Monday – Sea swim (2 km), Long run (15 km), Afternoon off!
Tuesday – Sea swim (4 km IM route), Bike TT (50 km), Speed run (5 km)
Wednesday – Sea swim (3 km), Brick repeats (70 km bike, 5 km run).

In total we did approximately 14 km of swimming, 425 km of cycling and 50 km of running. Not bad for 6 days on holiday!

The view from the villa

The view from the villa

The highlights for me had to be when we did the Ironman swim because it was such a beautiful morning, the sea was pancake flat and crystal clear with the fish out in numbers, even at one point catching a glimpse of a school of tuna. Secondly the 100 mile bike ride was stunning, noted it was incredibly tough and I’ve never eaten so much while out on the bike, but it’s one of those achievements it’s nice to get ticked off.

Out on the bike

Out on the bike

On the last night (which was also my birthday) we headed into Puerto del Carmen for a meal and to the bar with everyone relieved to have survived the week and finally able to let their hair down a bit.

It was really great week and the villa was the perfect setting to chill out in between all the activities. Debs and Daz did a great job looking after, and cooking seemingly constantly for us. Everyone there that week helped make it really relaxed and I’m sure we’ll all be heading back sometime in the future. If you’re keen to head out to Lanzarote for a week or two training let me know and I can let you know all the details!

I had a video camera with me while I was away and put together a little video, make sure you watch in HD:


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