Surfing with Killer Whales

May 28, 2013

After a raving review from Marcus about this surfing holiday in Morocco which he was going back to, I booked a plane and headed out to Agadir to join him see what all the fuss was about. We were staying for a week at Moroccan Surf Adventures which lies up the coast in the town of Tamraght.

Set in a 4 storey villa overlooking the sea it was the perfect location to be based and provided a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere with our own chef, yoga teacher and coaches to look after our every need. We headed down to the beach in front of the house most days where the waves were perfect for beginners and where I tried to remember that little bit of surfing I’d learned back in Newquay many moons ago.

Hitting the beach

Hitting the beach

Every morning we would have instruction from our coaches Said and Rachid who took the no-nonense approach to ensuring we took their advice onboard. I lost count of the times I heard “No knees! Why you use your knees!” being shouted at me, but their approach paid off and everyone in the group made real progress to being able to stand up within a few days.

Heading into the sea

Heading into the sea

In the afternoons after lunch on the beach we would head out again and try to put in practice what we had learned in the morning with pointers from another coach Scott who joined us ion a board and showed us how it was done.

Bringing it home to the shore

Bringing it home to the shore

On our last day of surfing we headed further up the coast to Tamri to tackle some harder waves which put us in our place a bit as we tackled with messy waves and a strong side current that made standing up in the water hard work. Those better on a board headed out further to catch the bigger 6ft waves, however after seeing a pair of killer whales within 5m of their boards they came back into shore pretty quickly!

The following day there didn’t seem to be any surf anywhere so instead of siting around we headed inland to a place called Paradise Valley where we trekked through the lush vegetation and found a series of plunge pools which we could dive into and climb around.

Ross in Paradise Valley

Ross in Paradise Valley

I had a great time and my surfing definitely improved but there’s still lots of room for improvement. Now I just need to think where I can go with a shoulder in a sling for my next holiday.

And to close, this is the view from the villa…


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