Going off the radar

April 7, 2014

So you may have noticed a slight lack of posts of late. Now that could be due to me not being up to much, but it is in fact quite the opposite. After a CIMA exam in November, December saw me do my first half marathon up in Bedford, with a rather unexpected hilly course I was quite happy with a sub 1:45.


After Christmas, and it was time for training to start to ramp up. With some rather unseasonal weather I managed to get out on the bike a fair bit before heading up to Centre Parcs at the end of January for the now annual get together. With the usual racket sports, rapids, and running what could go wrong?!

In an attempt to play it safe I decided to play the badminton tournament left handed, and despite making it to the semi final we found ourselves match point down. I found myself stretching for a wide shot and my left shoulder decide to follow the path its counterpart on the right… Lucky for me there was a doctor playing on the adjacent court and it was back in place in a couple of minutes. I spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy but still doing as much as possible, hopefully it doesn’t seem to have been too serious. 

Not to be be held back, February saw Dan and I head down to Brighton for the Half Marathon there, another beautiful day saw me knock a good amount of time off the race in December, finishing in 1:34:59.



After the race it was straight back to college again for the next set of exams in May while trying to slot as much training in in-between as the Ironman gets closer and closer. With that in mind I headed back to Lanzarote in March with Lizzie and Chris for a training week at Tri-Sports Lanzarote, where we were this time last year. 

Another full-on week ensued with a great bunch of people, as we clocked up some serious miles in the sun (and wind) on the roads and in the sea. 


Now 2 countdowns ensue, one to the exams in May, and the other to the Ironman at the end of June. Maybe I won’t be back on the radar just yet, unless I see you at the start line of some races I’ve got lined up…